Former Super Falcons goalkeeper becomes a bus driver in the UK

Rachael Aladi Ayegba the former Nigerian national team goalkeeper has caused a staircase online after she flaunted her new career phase.

The prominent lady in her recent view with the UK media revealed that she is currently a bus driver in the UK despite her past glories.


She played in the 2007 Women’s World Cup, the 2006 and 2008 African Women’s Championships and had an 11-year stint as a professional footballer in Finland, winning the league title in 2013 with PK-35 Vantaa.

Her new career began when the UK board experienced a massive vacancy in the driving forum. Aladi decided to fill in the gap according to her aspiration as revealed by her to the media.

She recounted her career and professed her passion for her new job and career.

In her words, she said:

“When you are trying to save the ball, you need safe hands. But there are ten others on your side.”

“When you drive a bus, you are on your own.”

“Mentally you have to be 100% ready, if you are a goalkeeper the defenders can help you. You can’t make any mistakes driving a bus”

“They don’t. I think we just see a bus driver as a nobody. I see them more like a pilot, if anything goes wrong, it’s on them. Now I’ve done the training, the people I respect most, after my family, are the drivers.”

“I am old. You have to know when to stop.”

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