How to Create Dynamic Video Ads for eCommerce Businesses

Digital advertisement is the best way to generate sales or promote your brand. Among all the digital marketing techniques, video advertisements have the best conversion rate. E-commerce businesses depend heavily on video ads to boost sales and increase their market share. Most e-commerce businesses depend on YouTube video ads guide to boost their sales.

Besides YouTube, many other social media sites and digital channels are used by e-commerce businesses to promote their products. Are you looking to create dynamic video ads for your e-commerce business? Read on to some tips to create effective video ads for your e-commerce business.

Use a video ad maker for your business

You need to use the best ad maker for making dynamic videos for an e-commerce business. An ad maker or a video editor will help you add a professional touch to your video ads. Most e-commerce start-ups hire video experts to create branded video ads. If you use the best ad maker, there won’t be a need to hire video experts.

There is no point in making video ads with built-in features of your smartphone or desktop. You need advanced video-making options for adding a professional touch to your video ads. With a dedicated ad maker, you can add transitions, filters, overlays, animations, and subtitles to your video ads.

An ad maker will also provide you with pre-existing templates that make the task easy. You just have to arrange your video clips and images in the pre-existing templates. Product name or brand name can also be embedded in your video ads with an ad maker. Not to forget, an ad maker will help you create optimized videos for different social media sites.

Collect user data

The basic thing about dynamic video ads is that they keep changing. Dynamic ads are tailor-made ads depending on the preferences of each customer. Based on customer interests, dynamic ads keep changing. Dynamic video ads, also known as dynamic banners, make sure that each customer is exposed to maximum marketing content.

For creating dynamic video ads, you need to know about the preferences of customers. You will have to aggregate data regarding the interests of customers. Based on the user preferences, you will create tailor-made ads for each user. Many e-commerce businesses also use ad delivery solutions to constantly update/change dynamic ads based on user interests.

Collecting customer data is important for adding interchangeable elements into your dynamic video ads. The interchangeable elements used by e-commerce businesses for dynamic video ads are CTAs, product images, taglines, etc. With prior data analysis, you can create personalized dynamic ads for your customers. Customer information that you can use to create dynamic video ads are as follows:

  • Promote products that customers have added to their shopping carts but haven’t placed the order.
  • Collect data about the IP addresses of customers to find their geographic location. Based on their location, show them targeted video content in your ads.
  • Create dynamic ads based on the previous browsing/shopping history of customers.
  • Collect information about customer interests from their social media profiles to create dynamic video ads.

Add music to your dynamic video ads

Many e-commerce businesses make dynamic video ads with a voiceover. Voiceovers in video ads are good for catching the attention of the customers. However, if you aren’t using a voiceover, add background music to your dynamic video ads. Adding music to your dynamic video ads will set the mood right for viewers.

You can also add background music in your video ad with a voiceover. However, you have to make sure the volume of the voiceover is more than the music tracks to convey product information to customers. You will need a dedicated video maker for adding music to your dynamic video ads.

Before deciding that this is the best ad maker, look for a license-free music library. You cannot add someone else’s music piece in your video ad without their permission. License-free music tracks available on video editing platforms are free for commercial use. For preventing your video ads from copyright strikes, it is important that you use license-free music tracks.

Add CTA to your dynamic video ads

The primary purpose of dynamic video ads is to promote your brand or product. You need to add creative CTAs (Call to Actions) at the end of your video ads. Adding a CTA to your video ads will motivate the viewer to take an action. You can ask the customer to download the mobile application, order a product, contact the sales executive, or any other action.

CTAs should always appear at the end of your video ads. CTAs can be added in text format at the end of the dynamic video ad. You can also convey CTAs to viewers in form of voiceovers. A video maker will help you in adding creative CTAs to your dynamic video ads.

Refresh the content when needed

Dynamic video ads need to be updated after a regular interval to catch the viewer’s attention. The preferences of customers keep on changing and you want to refresh your dynamic ads accordingly. Some of the factors that can change the buying habits of customers are seasons, festivals, and market shortages. If you have launched a new product, incorporate it in your dynamic video ads.

You can create dynamic video ads in bulk to change them at regular intervals. While creating dynamic video ads in bulk, don’t compromise on quality. You can use a video maker to save time while creating many dynamic video ads at once.

Offer coupons and discounts via dynamic videos

If you are offering any coupons or discounts to customers, display them in your dynamic video ads. Make sure you add buttons in your dynamic videos that directly take the customer to the shopping webpage. You can also provide personalized coupon codes to customers via dynamic video ads. It will help in building a good relationship with e-commerce customers.

Add stock information in dynamic video ads

If you are promoting a product via dynamic video ads, make sure the product is in stock. Don’t promote a product that you cannot provide to the customer at the moment. If only limited quantities of any product are left in your inventory, inform the customer about it.

For limited products, you can add CTA like ‘Only a few left, Buy soon’ in your dynamic video ads. Customers love when e-commerce businesses offer transparency into their inventories.

In a nutshell

Video marketing will not only promote your products but also help in building brand reputation. With dynamic video ads, you can show the customer exactly what they need. Start making engaging dynamic video ads for your e-commerce business!  

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